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Over the years amateur testing requirements have been watered down to almost nothing. I will be another extra that did not take a code test but I am learning it anyway. That doesn’t mean that I won’t get interested in doing so at some point in the future. It helped me understand how airflow helped keep the electronics cool as well as the algorithms the controller used to control fluid flow in the field.

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This web-based service uses the question pool to construct chapter-by-chapter reviews. I have always been impressed with the ARRL’s emergency net system and they have done miracles in the past.

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If I flunk it, then tomorrow I’ll order your study guide. Since it became legal to hold a call with a different numerical designate I have seriously considered modifying my call to my original W1TYG which I held back in high school, but W7ESX has by now become so much a part of me that I hate to surrender it! Everything you need to pass the 50-question Extra class written exam! The goal isn’t to teach you all the nuances of digital logic, or antenna theory, or circuit design, but to give you just enough background so that you understand why the correct answers to the questions on the test are the correct answers. The exams are given by local Amateur Radio Operators in your area who want you to pass!

Ham Radio License Exam Flashcards Study System

So in the interest of keeping amateur radio alive we need to find new ways of attracting younger groups. NOTE: All of these videos are available on a single thumb drive.

Amateur Radio Exam Prep: Extra

Go to  for the online practice exam review. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Use the Ham Radio License Manual below for study until July 1, 2014 Latest 2nd Edition with practice exam CD for use  on or after July 1, 2010 until July 1, 2014 These manuals are going fast so may be in limited supply or backordered! There are excellent sources listed below from major book sellers online.

ARRL’s Extra Q&A 4th Edition

Morse code still makes up a great deal of amateur operations, from casual ragchewing to passing messages, participating in contests, and providing emergency operations. Not everyone who takes the exam will operate CW, and for those who don’t, they might promptly forget it as I did.

Unexpired (or within the grace period) Novice license

While the new license system might not make it easier to get into Amateur Radio, licensed operators can move from the beginner to expert level more quickly.The Technician License The Technician class license is the entry-level license of choice for most new ham radio operators. There are no more Morse code exams for any class of ham license.

Grandfathered license classes [ edit]

Seems like the 80s, 90s, and 2000s (I was born in the 50s…) Became the “Me First” quarter century where all kinds of perceived barriers to leisure were challenged. Guess i’m not smart enough or deserving enough to be in this fraternity. But I am exposed to things that I’ve never been exposed to before. He looked at my First Phone exam papers, smiled, and said he’d bend the rules for me. He knows a lot more than he gives himself credit for, and I think that you’ll find the same thing is true for the clods who claim to have passed by simply memorizing the answers.

Extra Q&A Manual #0567 Beginning July 1, 2016 4th Edition

Either of the study manuals above are all you Need To Get Your First Ham Radio Technician License. That’s where this series of videos comes in—each provides an introduction to the material in the manual.